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R-410a 5 TR - 30 TR

Packaged cooling units are suitable for mounting on the roof or ground. The packaged unit consists of scroll compressors, cooling coil, condenser coil, control wiring and interconnecting piping- all factory-assembled and mounted on heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel sheet press formed base, ready for field connection to utilities and ducts. The packaged unit is of rigid construction with holes provided in the base rails for overhead rigging. The unit is provided with an integral weather resistant control panel.
These units are rated and tested in accordance with ARI standard 210/ARI 360.

Unit Enclosure
Panels are of heavy gauge, G-90 galvanized steel sheet with removable access panels, completely weatherized for outdoor installation and properly reinforced and brazed. Panels and access door are provided for easy inspection and access to all internal parts. Enclosures are provided with adequately reinforced points of support for setting in the unit.
Steel sheet panels are zinc-coated and galvanized by the hot dip process of lock forming quality conforming to ASTM A653 commercial weight G-90, followed by baked on electrostatic polyester dry powder coat paint, on all external panel.

Compressors are scroll type for all models. They are provided with all the standard controls and accessories necessary for safe operation. These are equipped with internal motor protector and rubber vibration isolator for quiet and efficient operation.

Air-cooled Condensing Section

  • The air-cooled condensing section is enclosed within the unit housing and consists of condenser coil, fan(s), electric motor(s) and protected compressor(s). Inner grooved copper tubes, with wall thickness of 0.3mm, mechanically bonded to enhanced louvered aluminum fins, are standard for all condenser coils. Return bends have 0.022 inch thickness (0.56mm). As an option, enhanced coated aluminum fins may be provided. Tube support sheets are galvanized steel, formed to provide structural strength.
  • Fans are propeller type, direct driven, upward discharge and provided with fan grille mounted on the casing.
  • Motors are totally enclosed air-over type with class F insulation. Inherent thermal protection is automatic reset type.

Evaporator Coil Section

  • All cooling coils are of enhanced louvered fins and inner grooved copper tubes with wall thickness of 0.3mm, mechanically bonded to aluminum fins. Return bend has 0.022 inch thickness (0.56mm). Enhanced coated aluminum fins may be provided as an option. Tube support sheets are galvanized steel, formed to provide structural strength.
  • Drain Pan: An insulated drain Pan made of G-90 galvanized steel is provided, for additional corrosion protection.
  • Insulation: Insulation is supplied in adequate density and thickness for all units to prevent condensation from forming on the unit casing. Insulation meets the requirements of NFPA 90A and is protected against deterioration and erosion  from air currents.

Evaporator Fan

  • Evaporator fan is of centrifugal forward-curved blade design capable of handling total required CFM and static pressure in the low and the medium ranges. Casings are made of galvanized steel. Blower motors are of open drip proof type and conform to NEMA MG-1 and MG-2. Fan drive is through adjustable pitch pulleys and belt driven. Blower motor is mounted on adjustable base and secured by locking device. Fan wheels shafts and bearing are selected to operate at 25% below first critical speed. Pillow block bearing are selected for 200,000 hours average life at design operating conditions. Shaft is turned, ground and polished from solid steel. Fans and pulleys are keyed to shaft and designed for continuous operation at maximum motor horse power and fan speed. All rotating components and assemblies are statically and dynamically balanced and every unit is vibration tested before shipment from the factory.
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