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TVR 6G - ID+OD 50Hz

  • The World,s largest single outdoor unit capacity of 32HP.
  • Compact combination achieving up to 96HP, the largest in the VRF industry.
  • Powerful wider range of 13 single module meeting any application design.
  • Compact product footprint, savings overall installation cost.
  • Operate in a wide ambient temperature range.
  • Highest number of indoor units connected to a single module

Duty Cycling
Duty cycling equalizes the running time of the outdoor units in a multiple-unit system and of the compressors in each unit, signi´Čücantly extending compressor lifespan.

Precise Oil Control Technology
Four stages of oil control technology ensure all outdoor compressor oil is always kept at a safe level, eliminating any compressor oil shortage problems.

  • Compressor internal oil separation.
  • Oil balance pipes between compressors ensure even oil distribution to keep compressors running normally.
  • Auto oil return program monitors the running time and system status to ensure reliable oil return.

Backup Operation
In units with two compressors, if one compressor fails, the other compressor can run on its own for up to 4 days, allowing time for maintenance or repair whilst maintaining comfort.

Anti-corrosion Protection
Outdoor units are given anti-corrosion treatment for non-extreme conditions as standard and can also be customized with heavy anti-corrosion treatment on main components for surface protection against corrosive air, acid rain and saline air (for installations in coastal regions) to extend overall useful life. The integrity of the anti-corrosion treatment is ensured by subjecting major components and parts to salt mist testing, moisture and heating testing and light aging testing.


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