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Inverter Ducted Split Units


High-Ambient Cooling

  • Trane Compressor
    The advanced Tropical Compressor is designed to deliver reliable, comfortable cooling air, even under extreme conditions such as sandstorms, continuous operation, and temperatures as high as 60°C.
  • Refrigerant Radiation Technology
    Trane refrigerant radiation technology cools electrical components more efficiently than conventional heat sinks.
  • Electric Control Box Heat Dissipation Technology
    The number of air grids on the outdoor electric control box has increased from 1 to 3, so that the outdoor unit can dissipate heat faster. This is similar to adding some radiator fans to a laptop to ensure the CPU operates at a high speed without jamming.
  • Optimized PCB Current Value
    The PCB current value of the outdoor unit has been increased from 13A to 20A to ensure fast startup of the outdoor unit. Features
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