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Trane’s pioneering leadership in making building work better for life has seen many milestone in recent years.

In 1989, Trane revolutionized the HVAC industry with the development of the Modular Climate ChangerTM Air Handler.

Using a “ building block” approach to air handler design, Trane dramatically increased the flexibility of cataloged air handlers and systems.

The Quantum Climate Changer followed in 1992 with introduction of Alluminium-pentapost frames and double skin panels.

This was superseded with the industry leading Performances certified CLCP Euro. As customer demand for even greater flexibility, performance and customization grows, Trane continues this innovative legacy.

The Quantum XP, today marks the next milestone of performance which takes the Quantum line into performance driven applications.

Trane global engineering is renowned for reliable, high quality, environmentally responsible designs. Critical performance applications require confidence in your flexible air-handling system. Trane experts provide testing, tools, and data to give precise and predictable performance. Trane engineered solutions tailored to your specific performance requirements include:

  • Energy recovery
  • Dehumidification
  • Energy efficiency
  • Demanding high static applications
  • Meeting stringent IAQ standards.

The Quantum XP Air Handlers offers flexibility and performances demanded by process sensitive operations in the healthcare, electronics life-sciences and pharmaceutical markets. Whether your specific need is in specialized ventilation monitoring capabilities, a unique footprint, a high performance thermal and leakage casing, engineered dehumidification, Trane engineers will work closely with you to understand and meet your specifications,schedule, and budget. With Trane custom air handlers you can “fine-tune” your performance to exactly meet your specifications. Trane can make recommendations on component selection based on pre-tested performance data gathered in our labs, positioning you to make a more informed decision. Though you are not limited to components Trane has pre tested, Trane validated performance is available for many options, including:

Trane coils with:

  • A unique, high-efficient fin design,optimizing the coil to the nearest fin-per-foot
  • One of the highest moisture carryover limits in the industry
  • Fans with precise vibration, balancing and performance standards.
  • Traq airflow monitoring stations (outdoor air)
  • Trane energy recovery wheels
  • Unit sound data per partial ARI 260 covering, discharge, inlet and inlet + casing.
  • Trane CDQ (Cool, Dry, Quiet) desiccant dehumidification - Breaks the dew-point barrier using standard equipment Uses less energy than comparable systems
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